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    Cubase 7

    Cubase has been a very popular production DAW since the last 5 years,

      in fact, its number of users has grown exponentially.

     Knowing the fact that Cubase is a very performant program,

     it was inevitable that one day it would reach its current status as one

     of the best DAW's producers use. Since its release on December 5, 2012,

     Cubase 7 has surpassed every other production program for many reasons :

     Its versatility is incredible, no matter what genre you are producing in,

     Cubase 7 is there for you. Many producers

     including Electronic Dance Music's finest like "Knife Party",

     "Phaeleh", "Tantrum Desire", "Drumsound & Bassline Smith" 

    not only support Cubase 7 but also use it.

    Cubase 7 Crack

    Cubase 7 has been cracked by no other than Team AiR. During these times,

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     Team AiR has laid low because of legal problems but after a year of sorting things

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     Steinberg should really feel special for this.

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    How Did We Crack Cubase 7

    "Cubase 7 has been one of the hardest programs we have ever had to crack.

    " Stated Team AiR on an interview. "

    Almost all of its disk space was there for encryption purposes,

     if it weren't for that, Cubase 7 would require almost 75% less disk space."

    This is all we know for now, we do not know how they cracked it or with what. 

    We hope to answer these questions later on. For now, keep producing!


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  • Steinberg has constantly pushed back the boundaries of what is possible in digital audio. Our groundbreaking technologies offer flexible and intuitive ways of realizing your full creative potential.
  • VST PlugIn Zone
  • Are you in search of far-out filters, hi-res reverbs and other audio allies? The PlugIn Zone presents a selection of top-notch plug-ins developed by third-party companies using Steinberg's popular VST format.
  • Cubase 7 — The Producer's Choice
  • With more musical features than ever, Cubase 7 delivers a truly unrivaled creative production experience. Sparkling with its entirely overhauled mixing console, a new Chord track alongside the innovative Chord Assistance, advanced VariAudio, more instrument content and an array of enhancements make Cubase 7
  • smarter and faster in every way.
  • It's in the mix
  • Stellar mixing
  • The completely new MixConsole excels not only in terms of usability, look and feel, but also sounds better than anything before it! Featuring full-screen mode, total scalability and quick in-place access to the parameters most relevant to the task, MixConsole adjusts seamlessly to notebook screens and large-scale displays.
  • With its extremely flexible channel layout, 12 dB boost and dedicated processing power per channel, an exceptional feel to the controls and comprehensive online and offline automation tools, MixConsole provides uncompromising audio quality and routing flexibility from the outset, with plenty of pristine headroom and a fundamentally transparent sonic signature.
  • View MixConsole in high-res detail
  • MixConsole
  • Click to open gallery
  • Workflows for professionals
  • Dedicated to our diehard users, Cubase 7 brings extraordinary workflow improvements to the table, delivering a genuine benefit to professionals working regularly with the mixer. Highlights include A/B comparison and global bypass for all audio effects, a plug-in search function as well as drag-and-drop  support throughout.
  • Plus, dynamic sends and inserts provide a streamlined overview, whereas the professional meter bridge lets you keep track of your signals. Aiming on providing barrier-free accessibility to the blind and visually impaired, MixConsole is compatible with screen reader software and can be operated using only the computer keyboard.
  • Full-screen mode and total scalability: Perfect for notebook screens and large-scale displays
  • View Sets: Define in which combination EQ, dynamics, sends & inserts are shown and store your favorite setups
  • Channel Zones: Specify which channels you want to use and where you want to see them
  • Plug-in search function: Easily pick the right effect from your ever-growing list of plug-ins
  • Complete drag-and-drop support ensures hassle-free transfer of channel settings
  • Quick Link System & Control Link Groups: Temporarily or permanently link channels or only specific parameters
  • Integrated Control Room, including talkback and up to four different cue mixes for performers’ headphone mixes

  • Any error in installing the software is the responsability